Are you a Charity or a Not for Profit Organisation looking for funding advice for computers, printers, a new website, new musical technologies, sound and vision products or any IT related item?  Maybe we can help!

Fit Well and Connected is a new organisation specifically designed to ensure organisations in the voluntary sector have equal access to the benefits others in their sector are benefitting from.

Being a Social Enterprise we understand the Charity sector, we have years of experience as expert bid writers, IT systems installers and project managers and we only work with organisations who share our aims and commitment to Charities and the valuable work they perform.

Please see our IT Products & Services page for a comprehensive list of products we can provide

The 'IT Products' page lists many of the products we can supply, but we will always try and help you find a product that will suit your needs best.   Whether it is for music, art, sport, leisure or education.

Arun Sunshine Group, Littlehampton

What we do.

Our main focus is in helping charities and not for profit organisations in the South of England gain the funding they so often desperately need to achieve the best standard of education, care and social and sound and vision  inclusion that they can give their clients with up to date IT equipment products.

We have supported many groups to achieve their successful bids. These have included:

1. Adults with learning disabilities, helping them into gainful employment or supporting their communication, social and leisure needs.

2. Older people in care homes who now benefit from access to IT for social, leisure and communication purposes including those with dementia who can access ’memory media’. 

3. 'Under fives' in nursery education many of whom have special educational needs. The touch screen computers and special educational packages make their learning fun and easy for them access.

4. Sports and Leisure clubs for young people

Although our main focus is to help fund IT projects, we have also sourced a variety of items to help people achieve their project goals.

For example: Chichester Boys Club needed sports equipment as well as computers,

Superstar Arts wanted artistic and creative tools alongside Ipads and printers.

The groups who have achieved successful bids this year with the support of Fit Well and Connected.